July 2018 Events Roundup

July 2018

On 5th July we held the club meeting at what is to be our new permanent venue: Hotel Rural Miguel Rosi, where we enjoyed a pleasant room, well laid out and with refreshments included. The venue was well received and members voted to return as a norm. Following the usual ‘Parish Notices’ and reports we were introduced to an inexpensive de-greasing product, called “Bang”, obtainable from most Chinese stores, followed by a quiz, courtesy of Dickie and Maria.

The second Breakfast Club meeting was held at Bar La Union on the 11th with five members coming along.

On 28th, it was the Grand BBQ held by President and Secretary, David and Sue Fox, at their home in Velez Rubio. It was a ‘hot one’, both in terms of temperature and enjoyment; and was a great success. Thanks to all that came along and to David and Sue for their efforts.

A change of venue this month for the 950 Club to the newly opened Harley’s Bar, near Arboleas. It was a hot day but we had three cars from the club on show.

See you next month

Paul Gough

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