August 2018 Events Roundup

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August 2018 

Just a quick round up this month as I didn’t make the events. Club meeting on the 2nd – good turn out with 28 members and 2 guests.

BBQ on the 16th – some members and many guests, total 34. 

950 Club – 26th – a few members turned out in the heat. 

That’s it, whizzo, see you next month. 

Paul Gough

July 2018 Events Roundup

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July 2018

On 5th July we held the club meeting at what is to be our new permanent venue: Hotel Rural Miguel Rosi, where we enjoyed a pleasant room, well laid out and with refreshments included. The venue was well received and members voted to return as a norm. Following the usual ‘Parish Notices’ and reports we were introduced to an inexpensive de-greasing product, called “Bang”, obtainable from most Chinese stores, followed by a quiz, courtesy of Dickie and Maria.

The second Breakfast Club meeting was held at Bar La Union on the 11th with five members coming along.

On 28th, it was the Grand BBQ held by President and Secretary, David and Sue Fox, at their home in Velez Rubio. It was a ‘hot one’, both in terms of temperature and enjoyment; and was a great success. Thanks to all that came along and to David and Sue for their efforts.

A change of venue this month for the 950 Club to the newly opened Harley’s Bar, near Arboleas. It was a hot day but we had three cars from the club on show.

See you next month

Paul Gough

June 2018 Events Roundup

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June 2018

The club meeting this month moved to Bar La Union, where we were hosted by club members, Gary and Sue and their staff. It was a really busy and noisy affair with an excellent quiz prepared by Ken and Sue, who are currently in UK. After the meeting many stayed for dinner, so a full and enjoyable afternoon.

Saturday 16th saw eleven cars displayed at the craft fair near Velez Rubio. After the morning at the fair, members returned to Peter and Karen’s residence for a wonderful buffet lunch, over-looking the countryside at Bancalejo. Peter and Karen also recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and so members were quick to toast them and wish them another 40 years together!

This month’s run out (21st) was organised by David Manning and it was a spectacular trip through the country side from the starting point, just outside Lubrin, through Uleila del Campo and Albanchez, finishing at Bar La Union in La Alfoquia, for lunch. Thanks to David and the twenty members and guests who supported the event.

And finally for this month, a favourite in my diary: the 950 Club meeting at Bar Laguna where as usual, our club gave good support.

See you next month

Paul Gough

May 2018 Events Roundup

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May 2018

Again we were let down by our usual venue for our monthly meeting on 3rd May, but thanks to Alan Foreman’s hard work, we met at Asador Sierra  Enmedio, Los Norias, for an excellent meeting with over 40 members, plus guests.

The Brunch Meeting on 9th was very well supported with 14 folks arriving at Bar La Union for breakfast/ brunch and chat. It was well received and flushed with success; another will be arranged in a month or so. Many thanks to Gary and Sue (members and owners) at Bar La Union for their warm welcome.

Of course the big event this month was the Three Day Outing arranged by David and Sue Fox on 16-18th. This takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention stress before and during. So, it was good to see the event was well supported and all had a good time.

It was back to Bar Laguna, Vera Playa, for this month’s 950 Club meeting. Recent changes to street layouts and paths meant no parking outside the bar; rather, a car park around the corner had been allocated for our use. The organisers felt it was far from ideal, but made the best of it. Around 20 cars pitched up, some unseen before.

See you next month.

Paul Gough

Change of Venue

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​Please note:

​ The next club meeting will be held at Bar La Union in La Alfoquia and not our usual venue of Hotel Overa.

The meeting will be on 7th June starting at 3.00pm as usual.

For more details please contact any committee member.

April 2018 Events Roundup

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April 2018

We welcomed two new members again this month: Gary Bowen and Steve Rolls. Each month we grow stronger! We also welcomed back our VP Chas after time away due to family commitments. He did an admirable job of chairing a noisy and entertaining meeting. The usual shambles surrounded my quiz efforts at the end of the meeting. Andy and Sue won with full marks. A first for one of the clubs quizzes, I think.

Thirty three members and fifteen cars turned up on Thursday 19th for the run organised by Alan and Margaret Foreman. Starting off from Bar Las Vegas in Huercal we followed a winding path to Bar Las Vegas (no, it’s not a typo) at Velez Rubio,then onto Los Lucas for lunch at Puertocico.

Thanks to Alan and Margaret.

And so to the 950 Club meeting, which was held this month at Bar Kalevala, because, it seems they are creating a cycle path opposite Bar Laguna. Perhaps this will cause a problem for parking in the future. A bit inconsiderate since cyclists pay no road tax (only my opinion of course!). Anyway, a good turn out with many club members in attendance, including two cars seen for the first time: Andy and Julie’s Mitsubshi and Richard and Michelle’s Vitesse.

See you next month.

Paul Gough

March 2018 Events Roundup

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March 2018

 Again in the big room, we welcomed a strong contingent for our monthly get together including a visitor from our neighbouring club in Mazarron. We also welcomed new members Bob and Carol Pemberton, and Julian Taylor to the fold.

 We went to the hills last month, but on the 14th the opposite was the case with 19 cars and 34 members, inc., one guest on a motorcycle (another first for our club) enjoying The Flatlands Run from Huercal Overa to San Juan and Villaricos for lunch. If you look on the facebook page of ‘Los Conteros’, you will find some pictures. It was well received, with a quiz included, and so we plan to re run the event next year.

 The 25th March saw the 950 Club meeting return to Bar Laguna  where, despite the chilly wind, a good selection of cars turned out. Have a look at our facebook page for the photos’.

 See you next month.

Paul Gough

February 2018 Events Roundup

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February 2018

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to have the ‘big’ room for our meeting on the 1st, which was also the club’s AGM. No less than 49 members and partners packed into the room and this was our largest ever attendance at any meeting! We must be getting it right.

As is customary, the committee stood down and much to everyone’s relief I’m sure, offered themselves for re-election, which was agreed. So, you have the same ol’ lot back again for another year!

At the close of the meeting we had our usual quiz, but with a change for the future; the loser gets to do the next quiz. This caused a little concern​,​me thinks​,​and some unusually high scores! Minutes of the AGM will be circulated separately.

On February 22nd an adventurous run to a dramatic mountain pass at Alto Velefique saw a mixed fleet of ‘classics’ and ‘moderns’  deal with the series of 180 degree bends leading to the top and a chance to stop and enjoy the superb views. The decent took the column to Bacares for a well deserved lunch where organisers Alan and Dickie could relax with the demanding part of the trip safely completed

​​​On 25th, ​​t​he 950 Club again moved to a new location; Hotel Balla​b​ona. We all welcomed the sight of Phil and Mary clattering in with their ‘new’ 2CV, and what a little smasher it is too! To show the spread of cars which turn up at this relaxed ‘freestyle’ get-together, a ​’​Roller​’​was also in attendance. Another good turn out by club members to support the 950 Club.
Paul Gough

January 2018 Events Roundup

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January 2018 

The first meeting of the year was held on 11th and again we found ourselves in the ‘small’ room. Never mind, a good meeting as usual, with a quiz at the end.

Malcolm’s run went off well on the 18th where we found ourselves starting from the Ballabona and enjoying countryside view to San Juan for coffee overlooking the sea, and then on to La Herrerias for lunch, where no less than 32 folks enjoyed a good lunch. 

The 950 Club venue changed this month to Longo’s near Albox, where despite the wet weather many turned out, although due to snow and a very cold start to the day some just couldn’t make it. Nonetheless  a well supported event with many members in attendance.If you haven’t been along, why not? 

See you next month.

Paul Gough

December Events Roundup

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December 2017

Well, the last club meeting for 2017, was held on 7th and we were consigned to the ‘small’ room for reasons best known to others. Anyway, it mattered not as we crowded in and made the best of it. Rag Rolls and nuts were available for folks to ‘buy’ for a contribution to our PAWs charity.

​I​t was Christmas Run and Lunch day on 13th when we met at Ballabona Hotel and enjoyed a good drive to La Vida for coffee and on to Messon Irene for lunch. Two whole tables were filled with 35 members and guests, which makes it up there with the best attended events of the year. Well organised, by Will and Charli; we even had named table cards with our individual menu selections as reminders. Much welcomed by those with ‘failing powers’! We all had Xmas presents too – free club base ball caps were handed out to members and club pens to partners, by our Regalia Officers, Peter and Karen.

Then on to 16th December when some members attended the Spanish concentration at Velez Blanco, while others went to Bar Laguna for the 950 Club meet.

And finally, to round off the year, the (now traditional) Boxing Day Swim at La Cela was well supported and two intrepid members (some would say ‘bonkers’) went in for a dip! See the club’s facebook page for the evidence.

So, a good years outings and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

 Paul Gough