October Events Roundup

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October 2017

Twenty five members and two guests turned up for the meeting, in spite of a ‘senior moment’ regarding dates by yours truly! They are coming thick and fast these days, folks! Many were seen leaving clutching rolls of rags, which resulted in a donation of 16 Euros for PAWS. Well done and thanks. We were enlightened, in a talk, about the delights of sourcing smooooth throttle cables!

We reckon there were around 80 classic cars at the La Cinta concentracion on 8th October. A really good turn out by a number of clubs – we sported 5 cars. After breakfast and a tour around local villages, the convoy came to rest in Arboleas and then those who wished to, carried on to Hotel Ballabona for lunch. We are getting known now by Spanish enthusiasts, some of whom came up to say ‘Hola’, having remembered us from Olula last month. Nice!

On 15th October the club was represented at Librilla for the town’s classic car concentracion. A really good show which included some surprises, not least a 1950s Humber Hawk and a s​p​lit screen Minor. Well worth the trip.

The Community Fair at La Alfoquia was well attended with  good ​support in the Classic Car section. There were a couple of motor bikes also. I’m sure this will be even more popular next year when word gets around about the new format. First prize was won by Mark’s father (I can’t remember his name), of the 950 Club, with his Ford Escort. While our club picked up a Highly Recommended (El Presidente’s MG) and also a Third Prize. A good ‘slap up’ lunch was had by members at Bar La Union – the usual suspects having egg and chips.

On then to the gathering at Villa de Alhama de Murcia on 22nd October, where I guess over one hundred cars were gathered. The eye was caught by an ‘as new’ Ford Fairlane, contrasted by equally attractive examples of two Renault 4CV​s​​ and a Seat 800 (a stretched 600 with 4 doors). Hours of fun at this event.​

​Finally, we had a great day on 29th for the 950 Club at Bar Laguna where 29 cars of all types, and motor cycles too, gathered. This is becoming a really friendly and well supported event, where good companionship and banter can be enjoyed.

Busy month, eh?​
​Paul Gough​


September Events Roundup

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Back with a vengeance after the heat of last month with no less than 4 occasions for you to join in with other members, and your classic, all kicked off with our usual convivial club meeting on the 7th.

Three club classics joined our Spanish friends of Clasicos Comarca de Marmol for their grand meeting in Olula Del Rio on 10th September. We were warmly welcomed and after a breakfast and chance to enjoy the display of cars, we all set off for a run around the countryside and back to Olula for lunch.

Mathematicians – can you see any pattern in the sequence 9; 12; 26? No, me neither. The answer though, is that 9 classics (all sports on this occasion), were part of a 12 car convoy for Barry and Brenda’s terrific run on 20th September, which ended up at a new restaurant for the club, called Los Lucas (near El Puerticico), where 26 members and guests enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Well done B&B!

And, last but not least, it was good to see most of the usual culprits for the 950 Club meeting at Bar Laguna, 24th September. I am reliably told that next month there will be a competition, with a prize, for the best presented car. That will be the Lada then, with its usual spotless wheel arches. Unless you want to take me on!

See you next month.

Paul Gough

August Events Roundup

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 3rd August saw the usual suspects gather for our monthly club meeting. Chas introduced a really neat battery booster, which will come to the rescue when a flat battery catches you out. Small enough to fit into a large glove box, it will also charge up mobile ‘phones and so on. We had an update on club regalia, from Peter and Karen (see the new Club Regalia Shop in this month’s newsletter) and John and team gave us an interesting quiz. Thanks to everyone for coming along.

 Our summer evening BBQ was as successful as ever with 22 members having a good time along with their guests. Thanks to Chas for organising the evening.

 On 19th August 12 members and 5 classics supported the Fiesta at Valez Blanco. A certain very yellow TR7 had its first outing. There were fewer cars at the show than in previous years, so our collection made all the more impact. On the way back members stopped off in Velez Rubio for supper in the square. A good evening me thinks.

And finally, we attended the 950 Club’s regular monthly meeting, and enjoyed chatting with friends old and new. Back to Bar Laguna next month, chaps.

So, with the weather getter cooler we can look forward to lots more fun in our cars as we move through autumn.

See you all soon.



July Events Roundup

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Our regular monthly meeting at Hotel Overa was well supported as usual. Thanks to all who came along and welcome to Frank and Barbara who joined us on the day. Following updates on events and club news, the new style polo shirts were displayed by Peter. Place your orders now! We were also entertained by a talk about making wiring looms; the speaker ably assisted by two lovely ladies, followed by our monthly quiz – thanks to Sylvia and Judy.

The Summertime Dinner was, alas, cancelled due to low numbers. However, club members turned up to a Spanish concentracion at Aljaris on 23rd July, and despite the very hot weather we supported the 950 Classic Car Club at their Sunday meeting on 30th July.
Paul Gough

June Events Roundup

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The high point of the Club Meeting on 1st June (not to detract from Barry’s challenging for some quiz) was the talk given by Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates. See Karen’s minutes for more details. The talk confirmed many of the difficulties we are experiencing with matriculation, so if nothing else, it was reassuring.

 June 16th to 18th, was the time for this year’s weekend event. The weekend included two nights away in a very comfortable hotel ‘Hotel Montepiedra’, at Pilar de la Horadada and tours of the area. Well done Stuart and Barbara for all your hard work.

 June 28th saw us meeting at Hotel Ballabona, for a run hither and yon, ending up at Bar International for lunch. Thanks to stalwarts Peter and Karen for ‘slotting in’ an extra event for those unable to make the weekend away.

 Thanks to all for their support.

May Events Roundup

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Firstly, a catch up on last month. While some went to Bar Laguna on Sunday 30th April, other members joined Club Clasicos Bahia for a short run from Garrucha to Mojacar for a static display and lunch. The club line up included a Jaguar, a Mayflower and a Vitesse. Well done chaps.

Club meeting. Well attended as usual, with three guests interested in joining: get an arm lock on them! We had an update on all things regalia and were harangued about not using open ended spanners on brake unions and bleed nipples. We also have a supply of donated classic car magazines to give away, so have a rummage next time.

Monthly run, 10th May. Some set off from Los Gallardos, others from elsewhere, all to meet at Uliela del Campo for coffee. From there a great trip through the countryside to Cero Gordo for lunch. No less than 31 folks (27 members and guests) sat down together for a generous lunch. Well done Team Riley.

It was a busy for Team Riley, because, wearing another set of hats, the Flower Festival at the Aljambra Chapel was great success, clearly the result of much labour! The club supported the event, on Saturday 27th May, with thirteen cars in attendance, plus a contribution from Snr Longo with some ‘Yanks’. The flower displays in the chapel were remarkable and reflected involvement from both communities. Thanks for the free burgers chaps!

And, finally. Perhaps our best club turnout at Bar Laguna with no less than 10 cars supporting the mixed line up. Lots of members sitting around and chatting, looking at the cars and promoting our club. Just what a static morning meet should be.

Paul Gough

April Events Roundup

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The highlight of the club meeting on 6th April was the delivery of the grille badges – long awaited but worth waiting for!

The design, chosen from the competition for the new club logo, was by Barry Dennis and to recognise his work, Peter Underdown presented a certificate and a complementary grille badge during the meeting. Well done Barry.

Also in April’s meeting, we passed around a questionnaire about club events and communications. The results are summarised in this month’s Classic Chat. Thanks to all for having a go and have a look at what you said!

On the day of our monthly run (21st April), Alan, who organised the event, went into hospital  (we all wish you good luck and a quick recovery) but this didn’t stop Alan and Margaret planning a great route from the restaurant Morena, through Urcal and on to Velez Rubio for a coffee. Ken and Jaqueline stepped in to lead the group and did a great job at short notice.
In all 38 members and guests arrived at the residence of El Presidente y su encantadora esposa, for a ‘bring and share lunch’, featuring the ham won by Dickie, which he shared with the club. 

On 30th April we supported the 950 Classic Car Club, at Bar Laguna, for their monthly informal meeting. Always good to see friends old and new. It’s getting to be a regular get together – why miss out? Come along next time!

Lots on for next month, so get cleaning and polishing!

Paul Gough

March Events Roundup

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Our regular monthly meeting is a great way to ‘kick off’ each month, giving the chance to ramble on with friends and remind ourselves of the events in store. So it was when we met on the 2nd March and benefited from Chas’ reminders of club ‘doings’ to come. We also heard that the club grille badges were now in stock and, as I speak, many are being mounted to highly polished grilles and badge bars. The talk this month was about replacement parts for classic cars and the need to check them carefully before fitting. Some examples of the dangers were shown. Remember folks: check twice, fit once!

On Sunday 4th March, five members attended the show at Sorbas and we provided four of the six British cars on display. Well done boys and girls!

Twenty nine, yes, twenty nine, members gathered at Bar International on the 8th March, for Peter and Karen’s run up into the blossom laden delights of the Estancia Mountains and beyond into the campo, to finish for lunch in the village of Saliente. We had some excitement (of the ‘failing to make progress’ variety), but none were left behind and all ended safely. Good luck with the repairs, Keith.

It was a good turn out for Club 950s meeting at Bar Laguna, on 26th March, with ten cars from the club in attendance……including Brian’s Triumph Mayflower, which out for the first time after its engine rebuild. Great to see her out, Brian!

As usual, full details in Classic Chat here on the website. But members only. Not a member? Join up now!

Paul Gough

February Events Roundup

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Another month with lots happening, kicking off with the AGM, on 2nd February. Now, many folks avoid AGMs like the plague. Such meetings are often thinly attended, quiet and self conscious affairs, with people avoiding the front seats in case they get ‘caught’.

 Well, not in our club as extra seats were required to ensure over thirty members could sit comfortably around two packed tables. The offer by the committee to stand for re-election (with the exception of Wendy who is not available due to business pressures) was warmly accepted by the membership.

So, the Committee say “Thanks for your support and we will carry on with the development of the club”.

 Now, how many clubs can support two events on the same day? Not many, I bet. But we can, because we are a growing, vibrant club! So it was, on 19th February, when nearly thirty members and their classics set off for the monthly run (organised by David and Sue), from Huercal Overa, for a run to the hills, having coffee at Velez Rubio, then returning through almond blossom and past windmills, for lunch at Las Norias.

 Meanwhile, down on Vera Playa, another group of club members assembled with the 950 Club for their monthly classic car meet, which this month coincided with the charity event in aid of Leo the Lion: a small boy requiring an urgent operation. A chance to support a good cause and promote the club!

 Then, drawing the month to a close, it was time for our first Saturday morning event of the year, on 25th February. An early start maybe, but fifteen ‘get up early types’ had a great visit to Albox Storage Solutions, where we were welcomed by owners Steve and Amanda for a talk about their business and a chance to see and hear about their many interesting projects. Then it was off to La Vida for a slap up lunch!

 Right, time to clean wheel arches. See you next month.

Paul Gough

January Events Roundup

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Ok, so December isn’t January, but events for 2017 started early with members leaving their fire sides for the first Boxing Day Dip Run – an impromptu event organised by Peter and Karen Underdown. Many of the usual suspects turned up and set off in convoy to Balsa de Cela, where two intrepid and fearless members braved the warm waters. Good fun!


Another first was the New Year’s Day Run from Hotel Overa to Villaricos, which was much enjoyed by those attending who clearly could get up in the morning and didn’t have a hang-over. Thanks to Alan and Margaret.


We had a good monthly club meeting on 12th January where our new club grille badge was seen for the first time. Reserve yours now from Peter and Karen – only a few left as I write this.

Many of us went down to  Bar Laguna’s Sunday morning meeting on 15th January and enjoyed the chance to chat with other classic car nuts and make new friends.

So, this takes us to 18th January and our monthly run out with lunch, this time starting from Mi Casa, Antas and with a nice drive down to Mojacar for lunch. It was the usual noisey time with 30 folks supporting Mike and Wendy’s much enjoyed event.

So, if we didn’t see you this month, where were you? Look at what you’ve missed!

Paul Gough