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October Events Roundup

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October 2017

Twenty five members and two guests turned up for the meeting, in spite of a ‘senior moment’ regarding dates by yours truly! They are coming thick and fast these days, folks! Many were seen leaving clutching rolls of rags, which resulted in a donation of 16 Euros for PAWS. Well done and thanks. We were enlightened, in a talk, about the delights of sourcing smooooth throttle cables!

We reckon there were around 80 classic cars at the La Cinta concentracion on 8th October. A really good turn out by a number of clubs – we sported 5 cars. After breakfast and a tour around local villages, the convoy came to rest in Arboleas and then those who wished to, carried on to Hotel Ballabona for lunch. We are getting known now by Spanish enthusiasts, some of whom came up to say ‘Hola’, having remembered us from Olula last month. Nice!

On 15th October the club was represented at Librilla for the town’s classic car concentracion. A really good show which included some surprises, not least a 1950s Humber Hawk and a s​p​lit screen Minor. Well worth the trip.

The Community Fair at La Alfoquia was well attended with  good ​support in the Classic Car section. There were a couple of motor bikes also. I’m sure this will be even more popular next year when word gets around about the new format. First prize was won by Mark’s father (I can’t remember his name), of the 950 Club, with his Ford Escort. While our club picked up a Highly Recommended (El Presidente’s MG) and also a Third Prize. A good ‘slap up’ lunch was had by members at Bar La Union – the usual suspects having egg and chips.

On then to the gathering at Villa de Alhama de Murcia on 22nd October, where I guess over one hundred cars were gathered. The eye was caught by an ‘as new’ Ford Fairlane, contrasted by equally attractive examples of two Renault 4CV​s​​ and a Seat 800 (a stretched 600 with 4 doors). Hours of fun at this event.​

​Finally, we had a great day on 29th for the 950 Club at Bar Laguna where 29 cars of all types, and motor cycles too, gathered. This is becoming a really friendly and well supported event, where good companionship and banter can be enjoyed.

Busy month, eh?​
​Paul Gough​