Month: September 2017

September Events Roundup

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Back with a vengeance after the heat of last month with no less than 4 occasions for you to join in with other members, and your classic, all kicked off with our usual convivial club meeting on the 7th.

Three club classics joined our Spanish friends of Clasicos Comarca de Marmol for their grand meeting in Olula Del Rio on 10th September. We were warmly welcomed and after a breakfast and chance to enjoy the display of cars, we all set off for a run around the countryside and back to Olula for lunch.

Mathematicians – can you see any pattern in the sequence 9; 12; 26? No, me neither. The answer though, is that 9 classics (all sports on this occasion), were part of a 12 car convoy for Barry and Brenda’s terrific run on 20th September, which ended up at a new restaurant for the club, called Los Lucas (near El Puerticico), where 26 members and guests enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Well done B&B!

And, last but not least, it was good to see most of the usual culprits for the 950 Club meeting at Bar Laguna, 24th September. I am reliably told that next month there will be a competition, with a prize, for the best presented car. That will be the Lada then, with its usual spotless wheel arches. Unless you want to take me on!

See you next month.

Paul Gough

August Events Roundup

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 3rd August saw the usual suspects gather for our monthly club meeting. Chas introduced a really neat battery booster, which will come to the rescue when a flat battery catches you out. Small enough to fit into a large glove box, it will also charge up mobile ‘phones and so on. We had an update on club regalia, from Peter and Karen (see the new Club Regalia Shop in this month’s newsletter) and John and team gave us an interesting quiz. Thanks to everyone for coming along.

 Our summer evening BBQ was as successful as ever with 22 members having a good time along with their guests. Thanks to Chas for organising the evening.

 On 19th August 12 members and 5 classics supported the Fiesta at Valez Blanco. A certain very yellow TR7 had its first outing. There were fewer cars at the show than in previous years, so our collection made all the more impact. On the way back members stopped off in Velez Rubio for supper in the square. A good evening me thinks.

And finally, we attended the 950 Club’s regular monthly meeting, and enjoyed chatting with friends old and new. Back to Bar Laguna next month, chaps.

So, with the weather getter cooler we can look forward to lots more fun in our cars as we move through autumn.

See you all soon.



Cats at Castle Combe

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As many will know, the world which exists over 3000 r.p.m is rarely visited by me! However, it’s always good to see Jaguars in full flight and the spectacle of pre 1996 ‘Cats’ at Castle Combe, last month, would have been worth seeing indeed!

Thanks to JEC for the link.

Paul Gough