Month: January 2017

January Tech Tip

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rad cap

It may seem cold at the moment, but now is a good time to start preparing our cars for the coming months of increasing temperatures. The cooling system is a good place to start.

The poor ol’ radiator cap is often forgotten and sometimes considered just a simple part of the cooling system. But it’s not that simple and does a lot of work.

If one of your engine cooling hoses seems ‘squashed’ or flattened when the engine is cold, check the small centre valve on the underside of the radiator cap. This is the low pressure valve which allows air into the radiator as the water cools and contracts. It should be easily pulled down against its spring pressure with your finger and snap back. If all okay here, the hose in question is likely to be faulty and its structure breaking down.

Check the main rubber seal. It should be free from cracks and be flexible. The seal together with the main spring keeps the system pressurised. Any faults here and you will lose water and overheat. Also check the upper seal, which prevents water escaping past the radiator filler neck, particularly important if an expansion bottle is fitted. Remember, only remove the radiator cap when the engine is cold

Any doubts…fit new a new cap!

Next time: coolants and air locks.

Paul Gough

January Events Roundup

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Ok, so December isn’t January, but events for 2017 started early with members leaving their fire sides for the first Boxing Day Dip Run – an impromptu event organised by Peter and Karen Underdown. Many of the usual suspects turned up and set off in convoy to Balsa de Cela, where two intrepid and fearless members braved the warm waters. Good fun!


Another first was the New Year’s Day Run from Hotel Overa to Villaricos, which was much enjoyed by those attending who clearly could get up in the morning and didn’t have a hang-over. Thanks to Alan and Margaret.


We had a good monthly club meeting on 12th January where our new club grille badge was seen for the first time. Reserve yours now from Peter and Karen – only a few left as I write this.

Many of us went down to  Bar Laguna’s Sunday morning meeting on 15th January and enjoyed the chance to chat with other classic car nuts and make new friends.

So, this takes us to 18th January and our monthly run out with lunch, this time starting from Mi Casa, Antas and with a nice drive down to Mojacar for lunch. It was the usual noisey time with 30 folks supporting Mike and Wendy’s much enjoyed event.

So, if we didn’t see you this month, where were you? Look at what you’ve missed!

Paul Gough

Requirements for Tourist’s Driving in Spain.

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Tourist’s Driving in Spain

As an EU citizen and a tourist, to drive a foreign registered vehicle in Spain you must have with you, and you can be fined for not obeying the following:

  1. your passport, current until after your return home
  2. Current driving licence, preferably the EU type with the ring of stars
  3. Two EU approved, red warning triangles
  4. Approved reflective jackets that must be worn by all outside the car at anytime, day or night, outside the vehicle at the side of any highway not in an urban (street lights?) area. The jackets must be kept inside the car so they can be put on before getting out and also must be visible from outside the car. The pocket in the back of the front seat is a good place. The jackets are inexpensive and can be bought at most supermarkets if you do not have them already
  5. A set of spare lamps/bulbs for your car and the tool/s to change them
  6. If you wear corrective glasses for driving, a spare pair
  7. Your number plate should be an EU one with the ring of stars containing your country code, or a small plate/sticker with your country code (GB, etc) should secured to the rear of the car
  8. Valid insurance
  9. All vehicle documents relating to the car (legally certified copies are OK)

Recommended, but not mandatory is a First Aid kit and a fire extinguisher

It used to be that you had to carry a set of bulbs with you but this has now changed. The law has realised that with most new vehicles, changing a bulb is impossible anyway as they are sealed units. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to insist on carrying spare bulbs.


Outside the EU

If you are from outside the EU, (Most of us soon) you will need an International Driving Licence issued by the correct authority in your home country. It must have one page of information in Spanish.

Remember that your “tourist status” in a foreign country usually applies for only three months as far as insurance is concerned, so for any longer periods, do not forget to discuss this with your broker. The roads in Spain vary from very poor to very good, the latter especially since Spain joined the EU and has benefited from the funding from other countries over the last 20 years.



Classic Car Show Huercal Overa

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classics ho

(Translated from Spanish)

The classic cars will  be in Huércal-Overa on the 29 January 2017.

I Quedada Car and Motorcycle Classic Huércal-Overa will tour various parts of the municipality.

The Department of Tourism of the City of Huércal-Overa, in collaboration with the Association of Vintage Cars of Marble, organizes the I Quedada Car & Classic Motorcycles of Huércal-Overa to be celebrated next January 29. An activity in which will be made a tour through different points of the municipal term, visiting Santa Maria de Nieva, Úrcal, El Gor, San Francisco with stop at the Water Museum, and finish in the Plaza Mayor where the cars will be exposed to  so that the public can enjoy them.

The organization of the event is running at a good pace and there are already confirmed around thirty vehicles that will be in the municipality at the end of January.

The Councilor for Tourism, Monica Navarro, explains that from the Town Hall we are working on the promotion of tourism in our town with different activities, this time giving our attractions to lovers of old cars. This fall also has repercussions on the economic drive of our town since the owners of the vehicles and the companions that arrive to Huércal-Overa this day will make their stay in the shops of the same. Offering also a new attraction for our neighbors who will be able to enjoy with these vehicles “.

There are many lovers of the classics of the area that will come to our town, to which we must add the coming from the neighboring Region of Murcia. Those who want to join this initiative can register through the Classic Car Association of Marble, by contacting the phone 607701468.

Navarro invites all lovers of classic engine to participate in this Hangout and “enjoy a special atmosphere A large municipality, Huércal-Overa “, while encouraging the neighbors” to go out that day to the streets to enjoy these vehicles. “